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CNFMS 2022 – Romanian National Conference of Pharmacoeconomics and Health Management

Conferința Națională de Farmacoeconomie și Management Sanitar

We invite you to participate in the National Conference of Pharmacoeconomics and Health Management, the 9th edition, organized during  October 6-8, 2022 Piatra Mare Hotel, Poiana Brașov (and partly online). 

The event will start with a Pre-Conference Course in the field of HTA-Health Technology Assessment workshop: from the basics to the impact of new health technologies on the payment system. Speaker: Prof. Zoltán KALÓ, Professor in Health Economics, Semmelweis University / Syreon Research Institute

The event is organized by the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology Târgu Mureș – Research Center for Health Policies and Management, SURYAM Association, the management of the event being provided by Health Events (SURYAM SRL / SMARTFARM SRL).

CNFMS 2022 partners: ISPOR Romania – Romanian Society of Pharmacoeconomics.

The event will be attended by over 500 directors from hospital units and medical clinics, representatives of institutions involved in the development and implementation of health policies (CNAS, MS, ANMCS, ANMDM, Parlament, SNSPMPDMS), companies producing and distributing medicines, devices and medical equipment , teaching staff from the Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The national and international participation of important personalities in the field transforms this conference into an important event and exchange of experience, offering the possibility of communication with representatives of the most important institutions and companies in the health field.

The conference is divided into two thematic modules:

  • Thursday-Friday, October 6-7: Pharmacoeconomics
  • Friday-Saturday, October 7-8: Health Management


Pharmacoeconomics module:Health management module:
Pre-conference course:

– Health Technology Assessment workshop: from the basics to the impact of new health technologies on the payment system


– The impact of the pandemic on the activity of medical service providers and the impact on the consumption of medicines

– Medicine consumption in Romania: the current situation, the prospects for the next period

– Legislative news in the field of national programs

– Cost-volume-result contracts in Romania (Managed Entry Agreements)

– Claw-back tax: legislative proposals

– CNAS – Medicines Directorate: news, statistics

– ANMDM: activity balance, news in 2022

– Medicines policy projects: a new funding system?

– HTA implementation in Romania: news, ongoing projects, perspectives

– Scientific mode: health economics, public health, pharmacoepidemiology, health management

– European Health Data Space (EHDS): presentation, utility for the health system, analysts, researchers


– The activity of hospitals in 2022 and the prospects for the future in the current demographic context

– National Health Strategy: implications for the hospital network in Romania

– Hospital funding rules in 2023: return to pay-for-performance?

– CaPeSSCoST project: project situation, implications for the future

– Wage subsidies (influences) between sustainability and cost-efficiency

– Co-payment in hospitals: experience of the private sector, opportunities in the public sector

– Hospital infrastructure development and funding sources: PNRR, government, local sources, bank loan?

– Quality management in hospitals: clinical standards and clinical audit

– Human resource management in hospitals between needs, sustainability and availability

– Continuous professional training of the hospital manager and the management team: needs, novelties in regulation, expectations

– Day hospitalization: developments, news

– The rules for financing hospital emergencies: a taboo subject? Perspectives and alternatives.

– Informal payments in the region: do wage increases solve the problem?

– The impact of inflation on hospital costs: solutions to cover rising expenses



dr. László Lorenzovici President CNFMS 2022

The 9th edition of the National Pharmacoeconomics and Health Management Conference will again be held in the classic format, with the option of online presentations being used only in special situations.

For the current edition, we have proposed a diversified and ambitious program that wants to provide answers to the most important questions that continuously arise in our health system following the surprises offered by the external environment: pandemic, war, economic crisis, hyperinflation…

The EU countries and implicitly the countries of the CEE region are exposed to external shocks, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the consequences of the war, the economic crisis, hyperinflation, the migration of medical personnel, demographic decline …, and the health systems have to cope with all these challenges.

In addition to this long list of threats, the countries of the region have another major problem: their health system has to catch up with the developed countries in terms of health system: infrastructure, endowment, financing and last but not least, administrative capacity and system management.

Romania faces similar problems to the former socialist countries that have become EU members, with citizens’ expectations being high and constantly growing, both towards decision-makers and towards health service providers and the medical corps.

The increase in financial allocations for the health system was high, but the unmet needs seem to keep decreasing. The efficient use of allocated resources may have been forgotten on the back burner, organization at system level, but also at supplier level, becoming more and more important.

The objectives of this edition of the CNFMS are related to the current problems of the health system, which is facing more and more, large and varied challenges.

CNFMS wants to continue to be a forum for professional discussions about health system problems, possible solutions to them, CNFMS assumes the role of mediator for professional debates and dialogue between health stakeholders.

CNFMS wants to contribute to increasing the administrative capacity of the health system by disseminating knowledge through courses, analyzes and presentations made by experts, to ensure the framework for professional and scientific debates in the field of pharmacoeconomics and health management.

Our objective is also the mobilization and coagulation of teaching staff and doctoral students in the field of pharmacoeconomics, health management and public health.

To facilitate the presence of specialists from public and educational institutions, CNFMS will offer the possibility of free participation of specialists from central public institutions involved in the development and implementation of health policies, thus contributing to their professional development. We look forward to your active contribution to the CNFMS 2022 presentations and discussions.



Registration at CNFMS 2022 will be done exclusively online, by completing the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM starting on 01.09.2022. Since it is a hybrid event, you need to use a unique email address to register. If you already have an active account on the conferinte.ro platform, you need to log in or, if necessary, reset your password. Otherwise, you need to create an account and validate it before completing the CNFMS2022 application form.

According to the CNFMS2022 internal regulation, representatives of importer / distributor / manufacturer of products and services with commercial interest in the health sector will pay a participation fee according to the promotion packages.

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